Halloween Baby Shower Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl

Halloween Baby Shower

Everywhere I look people are having babies. Some people are even having second babies! The whole thing is crazy but I guess it’s the natural progression from the “everyone is getting married” comment I made a few years ago. I guess both trends make sense since I’m in my very late twenties and naturally so are most of my friends… and their friends, and so on.

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Batty Halloween Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl1

Batty Halloween Cookies

I love Halloween cookie cutters. I buy just about every Halloween cutter I can get my hands on because with big plans for all the wonderful cookies I’m going to make. Then October rolls around and I use a pumpkin and maybe two or three others. So this year I made a conscious effort to use some cutters I haven’t already used. This is the assortment I pulled out:  Continue reading

Gator Welcome Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl

Goodwin Gators Welcome

Remember when I told you I have a sister who always “tricks” me into making yoga cookies? Well, I have another sister who always ropes me into making cookies for the school she works in. But then again, who doesn’t love making school themed cookies?

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3rd Annual Go Bo Bake Sale

It’s that time of year again! I’m go glad I was able to contribute to the Go Bo Foundation Bake Sale this year. The Go Bo Foundation raises money to support children with life-threatening diseases  by funding research, supporting treatment, and helping the children’s families in times of financial need. It all started with one boy, Bo. You can read more about his message and the foundation here.

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Emoji Party

My niece Kierra just turned ten. Okay maybe it was a little over a month ago, but it’s been a busy time for me so let’s just pretend I’m good at updating my blog and that she turned ten yesterday.

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Rainbow and Butterfly First Birthday Cake

Rainbows and Butterflies

I love making birthday cakes for little girls. They always involve the prettiest colors and the happiest themes. My latest cake was no exception. I was especially happy to make this cake because it was for such a loyal customer. This is the third cake I’ve made for this special little girl. Hopefully it’s not the last.

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Royal Icing: Recipe and Instructions

Like most cookie decorators, I started out with a tried a true royal icing recipe I found on the internet. I went through about four bags of powdered sugar before I got it right. Even then it was hit or miss for a while and I always had to be sure to keep extra powdered sugar around to start over with because once you ruin royal icing, there’s no going back. Now that I’ve been doing this for a while, the recipe I use is one that has been modified to suit my needs and as I’ll explain later, my climate.

Here’s what you’ll need:

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Stenciled Yoga Cookies

When Yoga Meets Cookies

As you may have figured out by now, I have a lot of siblings. Including me, there are six of us. Between the six of us there are a lot of different interests so it’s nice when two of them can come together like this. My sister Linda is kind of crazy about yoga. You know, the way I’m crazy about decorating cookies and cakes. Since the first time I decorated a cake (oh was it bad!) I have been obsessed and i’m pretty sure that my sister has been obsessed with yoga since her first downward dog. Linda has been working toward becoming a certified yoga instructor (free lessons for me!) and at this point she’s asked me to make cookies to share with her fellow yogis several times. This platter is my favorite version of yoga cookies so I’ll share with you how I made them. Continue reading


Caged Love Birds

Bird cages and love birds are everywhere this season. So of course I had to make my own version in cookie form. I thought about how I would do it for almost two whole weeks before I actually made my cookies so I hope you like them. 
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Elegant Baptism Crosses

Lately, I’ve got baptisms on my mind a lot. Last year, three babies very close to my heart were born. This year, I’ll be baptizing two of them! So in all my planning and excitement, I remembered that I took these picture to share with you and then never had the time to upload them. So just in case you too have baptisms on the brain, here’s how you can make these cookies to celebrate your little one’s special day. Continue reading

Snowflake Cake

Luca’s Winter 1derland

My nephew Luca turned one on January 3rd. So what kind of party do you have when you turn one during one of the coldest winters ever? Embrace the snowflakes and then EAT THEM! Continue reading