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Halloween Baby Shower Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl

Halloween Baby Shower

Everywhere I look people are having babies. Some people are even having second babies! The whole thing is crazy but I guess it’s the natural progression from the “everyone is getting married” comment I made a few years ago. I guess both trends make sense since I’m in my very late twenties and naturally so are most of my friends… and their friends, and so on.

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Batty Halloween Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl1

Batty Halloween Cookies

I love Halloween cookie cutters. I buy just about every Halloween cutter I can get my hands on because with big plans for all the wonderful cookies I’m going to make. Then October rolls around and I use a pumpkin and maybe two or three others. So this year I made a conscious effort to use some cutters I haven’t already used. This is the assortment I pulled out:  Continue reading

Gator Welcome Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl

Goodwin Gators Welcome

Remember when I told you I have a sister who always “tricks” me into making yoga cookies? Well, I have another sister who always ropes me into making cookies for the school she works in. But then again, who doesn’t love making school themed cookies?

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3rd Annual Go Bo Bake Sale

It’s that time of year again! I’m go glad I was able to contribute to the Go Bo Foundation Bake Sale this year. The Go Bo Foundation raises money to support children with life-threatening diseases  by funding research, supporting treatment, and helping the children’s families in times of financial need. It all started with one boy, Bo. You can read more about his message and the foundation here.

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