Batty Halloween Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl1

Batty Halloween Cookies

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I love Halloween cookie cutters. I buy just about every Halloween cutter I can get my hands on because with big plans for all the wonderful cookies I’m going to make. Then October rolls around and I use a pumpkin and maybe two or three others. So this year I made a conscious effort to use some cutters I haven’t already used. This is the assortment I pulled out: 

Batty Halloween Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl1

I’m going to show you how I made the bats. To make them you’ll need:

  • black or almost black medium consistency icing
  • black piping consistency icing
  • white medium consistency icing
  • green medium consistency icing (optional)

I say “almost black” icing because as you can see, what I used was not true black. Did you know that if you mix blue and red Americolor gel colors you don’t get purple?! That’s right. This is what I got. I didn’t want the icing to go to waste so I used it instead of black for this set. Start with a bat-shaped cookie. This cutter came from a Wilton set but don’t ask me which one because I honestly can’t remember.


Then after a few minutes, pipe the rough shape of a little batty body.


Then add some wings. This cutter makes it pretty easy to figure out how the wings should be shaped.


Allow the cookies to dry for at least a few hours before moving on. I let mine dry for almost twenty-four hours just because that’s how it worked out. Once yours are dry, pipe two eyeball shapes with the white icing.


Then immediately pipe green dots right onto the whites of the eyes.


Followed by black. You can skip the green if you like but I had it handy because I used it in the cauldron cookie.


Then pipe some lines to add detail to the wings. I’ll admit that I didn’t give how these lines should look much thought so don’t feel committed to this pattern.


Finally, add a tiny mouth and fangs and there you have it! Enjoy!



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