Caged Love Birds

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Bird cages and love birds are everywhere this season. So of course I had to make my own version in cookie form. I thought about how I would do it for almost two whole weeks before I actually made my cookies so I hope you like them. 


To make these cookies you will need:

  • light blue royal icing, medium and flood consistency
  • pink royal icing, medium consistency
  • green royal icing, medium and stiff consistency
  • any color royal icing you would like for roses, stiff consistency
  • light brown royal icing, medium consistency
  • a mixture of copper and gold lustre dust combined with rum or vodka

Start with cookies cookies that have cooled completely.  Since it’s Valentine’s Day I made chocolate cookies to mix things up a bit. Outline the cookie with medium consistency light blue icing and a No. 2 tip then fill the outline with flood consistency icing.


I wanted a flat surface to pipe the birdcage on so after flooding the cookie, I immediately used the pink icing to pipe blobs that resemble birds. Okay I meant for them to look more like birds than blobs but I don’t always get what I want.


At this point, I allowed the cookie to dry overnight. Who am I kidding, I got really busy so maybe it was more like 2 or 3 days before I got back to work on these. (Don’t worry, the icing keeps the cookie from drying out.)

In the few days that went by, I happened upon this lovely cutter at my not-so-local Hobby Lobby.


They say it should be a cupcake but when I saw it, I immediately thought: “Birdcage!” Hopefully sometime soon I’ll make cookies in this shape and they’ll be stand alone bird cages but for now, this cutter made the perfect outline for the cage on my project. So I put the cutter on the cookie and used an edible marker to create the basic outline of my birdcage.

birdcage5       birdcage6

I’m sure you’ve noticed that my blobs suddenly look a lot more like birds. I was so disappointed with my blobs that I almost gave up on my project but when I found that cutter, I knew it was meant to be so I thought and thought until it hit me. I could use edible markers to give my birds more shape and add details I didn’t plan on having before. I’m pretty satisfied with the end result. When the birds were done, I used a brown marker to make the little hanging perch as well.

Back to the birdcage. Once the basic outline is down, it’s time for the medium consistency light brown icing. I outlined the cookie cutter shape and then created the decorative base and added vertical bars. Note that I didn’t go all the way up to the little knob. I left that space empty for a handle.

birdcage8       birdcage9

Then I added horizontal lines and a ring to serve as a handle at the top. After about twenty minutes, I used the luster dust and vodka mixture to paint over the brown icing and make the cage look metallic. The luster dust you use doesn’t have to be a mix of copper and gold. I did it this way because I was low on gold and didn’t want a true copper color.


Next, I used the medium consistency green to make vines all over the cage. Using the stiff consistency icing and a tip Nos. 101 and 59s I made tiny roses and placed them on the vines. I know in real life, roses grow on bushes or whatever but this is my imagination, and I can do whatever I want there. You can too so you can add whatever kind of flower you want… or not. But if you have flowers, make some leaves too. I used stiff green icing and a No. 352 tip to make them.

            birdcage11              birdcage12

Now that the birdcages are done, use the left over icing to decorate coordinating cookies like the ones shown here.


Tada! There you have it, chocolate, love birds and roses. Everything you need for the perfect Valentine’s Day.

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