Cameo Cookie How-To and Theme Parties

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I absolutely love theme parties. So when my sister asked me to help plan a surprise party for our sister-in-law, I volunteered to make a cake, cookies, and take care of the decorations. My sister-in-law is one of the most elegant people I know so I had to make something worthy of her personality. This is the spread I came up with:

pink white and grey spread

If I explained how I made every one of these things, this would be a pretty long post so I’m just going to focus on the cameo cookies because that’s where I started when I thought up this whole spread.


I started out with my 4×4 fancy plaque cutter but you could start with any basic shape that works for you.


Cut out an oval template to mark the area that you will use for the white background behind the silhouette. Place the template on each cookie and trace around it with an edible food marker. Then use medium consistency icing and a tip 2 to fill the oval. It’s okay if it’s not perfect because you will cover it up later. Let it dry for about ten minutes.

IMAG0720 IMAG0721

Once the white has set, use a tip 3 to outline and flood the rest of the cookie in pink. Be sure to leave enough space for a border around the cookie.


Now you have to let the cookie dry for several hours. If you don’t you run the risk of puncturing the surface of the icing which is really hard to cover up.

Next get your cameo image ready. I found one online and trimmed it so that the female figure’s bun more closely resembled my sister-in-law’s signature look. Place the cutout over the white oval and trance around it with your edible food marker.

IMAG0724 IMAG0726

Once you’ve traced the image onto each cookie use medium consistency grey icing and a tip 1 to outline and fill the silhouette. I also used a toothpick to drag some of the icing out gently to get the detail in the nose and chin to really come out.


Once the silhouette has dried for about an hour you can add a ruffle border around the white frame and the border on the cookie. To get the ruffles you need stiff consistency icing and a small petal tip. The wide end of the tip should face the inside of the area you are surrounding with the border.


Because you’ve used stiff consistency icing, it won’t take very long to dry. after about thirty minutes you can use a mixture of vodka and silver pearl dust to add a silver metallic accent to the outside of the ruffles. Or can leave the ruffles as they are a be done. To add the silver, use a food-safe brush to gently dab the silver mixture onto the end of the ruffle.

IMAG0733 IMAG0735

It only takes about thirty minutes for the vodka to evaporate and then you can handle the cookie. I also made several other simple cookies to compliment these and obviously so there would be enough for everyone at the party.


In case you are wondering what I did during all that drying and waiting time, here is the cake I was working on in the interim. It combines all of my favorite things about cakes, quilting, pearls, ruffled rose petals, and my hand-made gum paste roses.


Needless to say, my sister-in-law was blown away. Mission accomplished.

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  1. Krizia

    Elizabeth, would you like to do a simple cookie tutorial for our website? :) We get like 50k unique visits a month, and can link everyone back to your new site! This is absolutely one of the most beautiful birthday cakes I’ve ever seen, by the way.


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