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New Year Celebration Cookies

Happy New Year 2014

Every year when December rolls around, I start fantasizing about all the wonderful, crafty, clever, cute, and memorable things I will do for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Then, inevitably, I end up disappointed and tired after a night without sleep because I scrambled to fit in as many things as I could in a last ditch effort to create an event worthy of Pinterest. Continue reading


I took the weekend off from decorating to take some time to update my Facebook page and this website. I still have a long way to go but I think I’m off to a good start for someone who has never built a website like this before. I hope you all enjoy what I’ve managed to get up and running so far. There’s plenty more to come.

Enjoy the short holiday week!


Welcome to EZ the Baking Owl. My name is Elizabeth and I’m a lawyer by day and a baker/cake and cookie decorator by night (literally). I’m starting this website to share my personal experience baking and decorating cookies and cakes. You’ll find I make more cookies than cakes. This is primarily because cookies lend themselves to the kind of schedule I have to work around to keep up with my hobby. A cookie can taste great even if I take several days to decorate it and it will last for a long while after that. Cakes, on the other hand, have to be worked on over a long stretch of time (which I often don’t have) and they don’t stay fresh as long as I would like. Nonetheless, I still dabble in both and enjoy sharing what I make with others.

I’ll try to make my posts as regular as possible but I’m sure that the demands of my full time job and various other commitments will often get in the way.