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Halloween Baby Shower Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl

Halloween Baby Shower

Everywhere I look people are having babies. Some people are even having second babies! The whole thing is crazy but I guess it’s the natural progression from the “everyone is getting married” comment I made a few years ago. I guess both trends make sense since I’m in my very late twenties and naturally so are most of my friends… and their friends, and so on.

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3rd Annual Go Bo Bake Sale

It’s that time of year again! I’m go glad I was able to contribute to the Go Bo Foundation Bake Sale this year. The Go Bo Foundation raises money to support children with life-threatening diseases  by funding research, supporting treatment, and helping the children’s families in times of financial need. It all started with one boy, Bo. You can read more about his message and the foundation here.

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Caged Love Birds

Bird cages and love birds are everywhere this season. So of course I had to make my own version in cookie form. I thought about how I would do it for almost two whole weeks before I actually made my cookies so I hope you like them. 
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New Year Celebration Cookies

Happy New Year 2014

Every year when December rolls around, I start fantasizing about all the wonderful, crafty, clever, cute, and memorable things I will do for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Then, inevitably, I end up disappointed and tired after a night without sleep because I scrambled to fit in as many things as I could in a last ditch effort to create an event worthy of Pinterest. Continue reading

Christmas Tree Cookie Pops

Easy Christmas Tree Cookie Pops

Looking for some simple but cute cookies for the holidays that don’t require a lot of effort? Well, once again, inspired by my husband’s aversion to royal icing, I give you these icing-free Christmas trees. Continue reading