Easy Edible Valentines

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What’s better than getting a valentine on Valentine’s Day? Being able to eat it, that’s what.

I designed these Valentine’s one night while my husband and I were at the laundry mat washing ALL our blankets. I was like a little kid sitting there with my sketch book and colored pencils. So I decided to make cookies meant for children and settled on making these so my niece could hand them out to the other children in her class.


The design is simple and I pretty much finished them in one night. Here’s how you can make them too.

You will need medium consistency icing (the kind that takes about 14-17 seconds to run smooth itself out) in any colors you like for the whole project. Use any colors you like.

To start, cut out several 3-inch squares. Then, using the scrap dough, cut out triangles using a 1-inch square as shown below. Gently press the triangle up against the center of one side of the 3-inch square and bake as you usually would.

       IMAG2644        IMAG2645

Once the cookies have baked and cooled, draw the basic outline for the envelope using an edible food marker. The envelope should only take up about half of the 3-inch square so it looks like the top half of the square is a Valentine being pulled out of the envelope. If you want to take the time to make the squares perfectly square, you can use a grater to gently straighten out the sides by removing a small amount of cookie. I skipped that part this time because I wasn’t so worried about these being perfect.


Next, using whatever color you want the envelope to be and a tip No. 2, outline the top and two side folds of the envelop. Use a toothpick or needle tool like the one shown to draw the icing into the outside corners of the cookie to give the envelope a crisp look. Allow these sections to set for about 20 minutes. If you have more time and you are using one dark color and one very light color, let the sections dry longer to prevent your colors from bleeding into each other.

          IMAG2652        IMAG2649

Next, very quickly outline and flood the top portion of the square. Then using a contrasting color, pipe three (or as many as you like) dots along the sides.

          IMAG2655        IMAG2656

Immediately use your tooth pick or needle tool to drag a line from just above the first dot and down through the bottom dot to create heart shapes.

                IMAG2657           IMAG2659

Again allow this section to set for at least several minutes before moving onto the next step. Now, finally, fill in the last section of the envelope. It’s important to do this section last so that you can drag the top point up over the valentine to create the illusion that the valentine is behind the flap.


At this point, allow the cookies to dry over night. They need to be completely set before you add text to the valentine. I used a black edible marker to add “To:” and “From:” to these.


Then I turned the cookies over to my beautiful niece:


I thought having her write out the names would add an extra layer of cuteness for me and a personal touch for her classmates. Another bonus, she loved it! …and this is why my nieces say my home is more fun than art class.

I hope you have fun making some edible valentines of your own.



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