Easy Ocean Cake and Cake Board

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Sometimes great things come from hard work. Other times, they are born from pure laziness. That’s how this ocean got it’s character.


Kneading fondant to cover cakes is hard work…. when I can, I ask my husband for help. This time, I needed blue so I asked him to combine Wilton cornflower blue and a bit of sky blue to make the background for the ocean. When he got to this point:

Mermaid19he asked if I could just use that. “It looks like an ocean,” he said. So I thought about it for a while and decided to go with it. However, I didn’t think the blues were quite what I wanted just yet so I added two additional shades of blue.

Mermaid18To add more colors (or the initial color for that matter) use a toothpick. Dip it into the color and then poke holes all over the fondant with it. Do not use the same toothpick to dip into the color twice or you might contaminate your color with whatever you’re coloring or even other colors.

To work the color in, you have to start by kneading  the fondant by folding it over and over again. Be careful not to get your hands completely covered in color because it will be hard to wash it out later. Now don’t fold too much or you’ll just blend your color in really well. Stop when you don’t see the gel color on the outside of your mass anymore. See the bottom half of the fondant in the picture below? That’s what I blended and the swirly stuff is my husband’s. I went too far with my kneading. What he does is pull the fondant and stretch it out and twist it this way and that. I always tell him not too because the fondant ends up kind of gooey and has to rest a long while after he does it but in this case it works really well.

Mermaid16 Don’t do this for too long because either way, you’ll end up with a completely blended color which is not what you want. You should stop when you are sure there aren’t little pockets of gel color inside your fondant and when you have beautiful swirls like these:


Now roll out your fondant and cover your cake the way you normally do.


Do you see all the beautiful swirls that are left on the cake board?


Well I was so sad they didn’t make it onto the actual cake so I decided to leave the board covered in fondant. Luckily I hadn’t formed any pleats on the board and it was a pretty neat job. (Serendipity!)

So keep in mind this isn’t how people usually cover cake boards this just worked out well for me this time. Just in case you ever have a board covered in fondant that is still attached to your cake you can do the following:

Take some royal icing and an angled spatula and spread royal icing on the board as shown in the picture. You can also use buttercream for this but I always have royal icing around and it holds like cement. (I also use it too stack my tiered cakes so they don’t slide around in transit.) Whatever icing you use, it does not have to be blue. I just had this left over from the wedding cookies I’d made earlier in the week.


Once you’ve covered the entire board, use a fondant smoother to apply gentle pressure to the board and get any air bubbles that may have formed out before the icing sets.


Don’t push too hard on the sides of your cake or you’ll end up with an indentation that makes no sense.

Next, and very carefully, use an exacto knife or paring knife to cut the excess fondant off at the very edge of the board.


Don’t pull the fondant off or you’ll stretch out the fondant, just let it fall off the sides after you cut it.

And that’s it. Your board is covered and you don’t even need to add a border if you don’t want one.

Once you’ve covered and stacked your cakes the real fun begins. Add all your ocean themed decorations. Here are several pictures of what I did with this cake.

Mermaid9Mermaid4 Mermaid7 Mermaid6 Mermaid2 Mermaid1

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