Elegant Baptism Crosses

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Lately, I’ve got baptisms on my mind a lot. Last year, three babies very close to my heart were born. This year, I’ll be baptizing two of them! So in all my planning and excitement, I remembered that I took these picture to share with you and then never had the time to upload them. So just in case you too have baptisms on the brain, here’s how you can make these cookies to celebrate your little one’s special day.

Start with cross cookies made from the cookie recipe of your choice.


Then using flood consistency icing in the color of your choice, outline and then quickly flood the whole cookie.

IMAG0982 IMAG0984

You can use a toothpick or the “boo boo stick” shown here to evenly distribute the icing and get rid of any air bubbles that have formed. IMAG0986

Let this base coat dry for several hours or overnight. You want to be sure it is hard before you move to the next step or you will crack the surface of the icing. While the icing is drying you can sketch your designs. I find it hard to make fifty of the same cookie over and over so for these favors I made about one dozen of each. Having some variety also makes for a better looking platter when you’re done.


When the icing is dry you can use your drawing as a guide and “scratch” the design onto the surface of the cookie using a tool with a fine sharp point. I learned this clever trick from Alternatively, you could use an exacto knife to cut along your lines and then use the sketch like a stencil to scratch the design onto the cookie.


Once the design is on the cookie, pipe over the lines using stiff icing and the tip of your choice. For this style, I used a Wilton Tip #13 to give the scroll more dimension than a plain round tip.


If there are little “tails” of icing sticking up off the cookie or something isn’t quite right, you can immediately use a dampened food-safe brush and gently push the icing into place.


Allow the piping to dry for 3-4 hours, the thicker the design icing is the longer you will have to wait for it to dry. When everything is dry, you can stack the cookies or package them however you like.




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