Emoji Party

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My niece Kierra¬†just turned ten. Okay maybe it was a little over a month ago, but it’s been a busy time for me so let’s just pretend I’m good at updating my blog and that she turned ten yesterday.

Of course as her cake-making aunt and godmother, I’ve made a lot of her birthday cakes. I can’t remember them all but there were a handful of Hello Kitty cakes and a couple of Monster High cakes that’s for sure. So I was surprised when this year, she didn’t want a character. Instead, she just wanted what she called an “emoji party.” So after a little explaining, I got to work. She wanted bright rainbow colors and black – a lot of black. Thank goodness I got her to compromise on that one. No one wants black frosting mouth. So here is what we came up with:


And here it is from many angles:




The cake itself was chocolate with raspberry buttercream because Kierra has good taste. ;)


Of course, where there’s cake, there have to be cookies!


The most important thing, regardless of any theme is that the birthday girl was happy.


Here’s hoping whatever she wished for comes true.



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