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Goodwin Gators Welcome

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Remember when I told you I have a sister who always “tricks” me into making yoga cookies? Well, I have another sister who always ropes me into making cookies for the school she works in. But then again, who doesn’t love making school themed cookies?

A few months ago, she talked me into making 75 of these:

Sharp Teacher Cookies

Boy did they take forever to package… but the neat little stacks they formed made my type-A heart soar.

Sharp Teacher Cookie Stack

Then just a few weeks ago, she asked me to make what she called $6 cookies to welcome the new teachers to her school. Thank goodness she only needed seven of them this time. I had a lot of fun coming up with the design for these. The school mascot is an alligator so it had to include him. Then I was also kind of in the mood for a chalkboard design too so this idea hit me like a lightning bolt and I was off to work.

Gator Welcome Cookies 1 by EZtheBakingOwl

Don’t you just love them?! I hand cut the dough to make this shape, which is okay when it’s just  a few cookies. Usually this works better but it turns out that recipes are very particular and if your husband brings home the wrong brand of butter, your cookies might spread and end up a little deformed. But oh well. I still love them and I’m pretty sure the new teachers did too!

Gator Welcome Cookies 2 by EZtheBakingOwl

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