Halloween Baby Shower Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl

Halloween Baby Shower

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Everywhere I look people are having babies. Some people are even having second babies! The whole thing is crazy but I guess it’s the natural progression from the “everyone is getting married” comment I made a few years ago. I guess both trends make sense since I’m in my¬†very late twenties and naturally so are most of my friends… and their friends, and so on.

One nice by product of all this life happening around me is that people who see my cookies and cakes decide they want to celebrate their milestones with some pretty unique treats. I, of course, am happy to help. This time around, I was lucky enough to get creative with some Halloween-themed baby shower cookies. I have to say this was the perfect concept for me because I LOVE baby cookies and I LOVE Halloween cookies!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a how-to for you this time. It was a busy week after all. So what I do have are lots and lots of pictures!

First here is a group shot of (almost) all the cookies in this set:

Halloween Baby Shower Cookies by EZtheBakingOwl

Don’t you just love them? When I need a little pick-me-up I pull this picture up on my phone, that’s how much I love them right now. Don’t ask me which one is my favorite though because they are my babies and I’m told moms can’t have favorites…

But who are we kidding? This little guy is probably my favorite:

Pumpkin Baby by EZtheBakingOwl

…and I’m sure when this baby isn’t sitting commando inside pumpkins, it’s wearing this cute little number:

Pumpkin Romper by EZtheBakingOwl

I was so excited about this set that I started working on it early and finished with enough time for plenty of fun pictures. Like this one:

Pumpkin Baby 2 by EZtheBakingOwl

and this one, which also incorporates the new mom into the set too!

Witchy Mama by EZtheBakingOwl

I hope you enjoyed this set half as much as I did. Happy Halloween!

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