How to make Chanel bag cookies with fondant

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Since I’m often low on time, I get really excited whenever I can make cookies that wow without spending an entire day working on them. Before you ask, no I’m not a huge Chanel fan. It’s just a coincidence that their simple and elegant designs work well on cookies and cakes and I’ve been asked to make them a few times. This time, my friend and co-worker Patty asked if I would make these for her next birthday in January and I thought, “Why wait?” and surprised her with them.

Chanel Bag Cookies

To make these cookies you need: black and ivory fondant, golden yellow royal icing, and corn syrup.

Start with cookies that are the same size and rectangular. I don’t have a cutter this size so I hand cut them 4 x 2.5 inches.


Once your cookies are baked and cooled, roll out the fondant to 1/8 inch thickness (use the purple rings that come with the small wilton rolling pin) as shown below.


Now you have to cut out the shape of your cookie. This is really easy when you used a cutter. All you have to do is use the same cutter to cut out the fondant. In my case, I also had to hand cut the fondant. I started out trying to cut out the fondant by measuring but soon realized it would be just as easy to turn the cookie over onto the fondant and cut out the fondant using the cookie as a guide.

IMAG0509  IMAG0513

Next, coat the cookie in a thin layer of corn syrup using a food safe paint brush. Then place the fondant on the cookie and gently press to get rid of air bubbles and secure the fondant to the cookie. If you press to hard you will leave finger impressions so be gentle.

IMAG0514  IMAG0515

While the fondant is still soft use a quilting tool and a ruler (I only use mine for food) to make the diamond pattern on the fondant.

IMAG0517  IMAG0518

To make the flap use fondant rolled thinner than the previous layer (I used the pink rings on Wilton’s small rolling pin). I cut my pieces 4 x 1.25. Apply a thin layer of corn syrup to the strip of fondant and place it on the cookie carefully so that there is a very thin flap to cover the previous layer and create the illusion that the flap covers the opening to the bag.

IMAG0519   IMAG0523

Again, while the fondant is still soft add the diamond pattern to the flap with the quilting tool.


To make the logo I used a Wilton tip 12 to make both the outside and inside of the “C.” Then I used  the small quilting tool to cut out the opening to the “C.”

IMAG0528 IMAG0529 IMAG0527 IMAG0530

Once the “Cs” are ready intertwine them as shown. I always make extra because some tear and some don’t come out looking quite right.


Then use a different food safe brush to apply a very light layer of water to the spot where the logo will be placed and gently press the logo into place. If you use corn syrup it will be sticky.


Next, using very stiff royal icing in a golden yellow or light brown color pipe the strap. I decided to go with a chain link strap. Since thick royal icing is used you don’t have to wait very long for the next step. I waited about 20 minutes. For the final step use a mixture of vodka (don’t worry, it evaporates) and gold pearl dust and apply it to the chain link strap. This gives the chain a sparkly metallic look. To be safe, I gave the strap the night to set before packaging them.

IMAG0535  IMAG0538

These cookies are great because they are elegant and don’t require a lot of waiting between steps or drying time. Try them out and let me know how it goes!

Chanel Bag Cookies

7 thoughts on “How to make Chanel bag cookies with fondant

  1. cheryl gliksman

    I wish to buy some cookies from you …do you make any of these for sale?
    Please let me know soonest…thanks so much Cheryl

    1. ezthebakingowl Post author

      Hi Cheryl! I do make some cookie orders as time permits but only in the Chicago area. Send me an email if you are still interested. Thanks!

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  3. Brenda L

    How did you make the strap? Is there a Wilton tip that pipes out that chain look design? Cookies are beautiful!!

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