How to make Mike from Monsters Inc.

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These days it feels like everywhere I look there is something Monster’s Inc. related going on. Then my friend Monica asked me to make cookies for her nephew’s birthday and I had to think up an idea for some simple cookies I could make quickly. So here goes, my very first tutorial.


I forgot to take a lot of pictures so you have to use your imagination in some places but I’ve learned my lesson and I will take more pictures next time.

First start out with cookies in any basic shape. I chose this plaque cutter because it’s one of my favorites and I don’t use it enough.


Outline and flood the cookies with royal icing in whatever color you want. I chose white. Let them dry for several hours or overnight. Mine dried for almost twenty-four before I got back to them.

Then using some medium consistency icing (the kind that take about 15 seconds before a lump disappears into it) and a tip 2, pipe an eye ball just above the center of the cookie. Then immediately pipe a smaller blue circle right into the while eye ball to make the iris. Finally, pipe an even smaller black circle into the blue one. While the eye sets you can work on the mouth.

IMAG0426For the mouth use the same medium consistency icing you did in the eye and a tip 1 to pipe a half moon for the mouth on each cookie. Wait ten minutes and then pipe little dots for the teeth. This works best if you leave a lot of space in between the teeth and then go back and add additional teeth in the gaps after five minutes. To make the teeth sharp, use a toothpick and drag the icing toward the end of the mouth to form a tip. Since Mike is a monster you don’t have to worry about the teeth being pretty or uniform. Allow the eye and mouth to set for an additional fifteen minutes before going on to the next step.

For the body, use a mix of lime and avocado green royal icing, again in medium consistency and a tip 2 and outline the egg-like shape of Mike’s body. Immediately fill it in being extra careful around the eye and mouth.


Once you have the body, you can add the remaining details in any pose you like. I added arms and legs in a “scary” pose because it worked best with my cutter. Have fun with it and do whatever works for you.



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