Minions Dressed as Doctors

How to Turn Minions into M.D.s

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Character cookies make great gifts. People can’t seem to get enough of them. It’s even nicer when you can take character cookies and personalize them for the person receiving them. That’s how these cookies were “born” and this is how you can give your Minions a medical degree.

Minions Dressed as Doctors

As always start with your basic cookie. When you don’t have a cutter for the character you want to make, plaque cutters make great canvases for any idea. I got this one from and as you can see, I love it!


Let your cookies cool completely before decorating them. In a pinch, you can place them in front of your air conditioner under a food tent to keep dust from falling on them. Note: I always put my cookies under food nets. Why? I’m paranoid and no one wants to bite into a cookie and spot an eyelash.

Once your cookies have cooled, outline them with a tip 2 and medium consistency royal icing then fill/flood them with thin icing. Let the flooded cookies dry for several hours before you move on. I let mine dry overnight.

While your cookies are drying, or days before if you’re more organized than me, prepare the image you want to work from. I pulled a few images from google images and drew the white coat i wanted right on top of them to serve as a guide.


At this point you can go in a couple different directions to get your design on the cookie: (1) be brave and free hand the white coat onto the blank cookie or (2) cut out the image with your coat added and trace around the coat with an edible food marker. Either way, use medium consistency black and a tip 1 to outline the white coat for each pose onto all of your cookies.


To make my decorating more efficient, I like to take a page from Henry Ford’s book and decorate on an assembly line. For those of you that don’t get excited about watching History Channel specials, this means I complete each step on every cookie and then move onto the next rather than making one cookie from start to finish. This method also helps with drying time since by the time you’re ready to move from “step 1″ to “step 2,” the first cookie you worked on is ready to go.

Anyway… the next step is to fill the white coat with medium consistency icing using a tip 1. You can use a toothpick to make sure the icing gets into all the small corners. Don’t worry if the icing runs over the sleeve lines a bit, you can fix that later. At the same time, pipe the eyeball and add a pupil with just a drop of black icing and the same tip 1 you used for the white coat’s outline. If you want beady eyes, let the eyeball dry and then add the pupil.


Go back to your first cookie and use yellow medium consistency icing to outline and then immediately fill the minion’s head. To get this yellow, used a touch of Wilton’s Lemon Yellow and Golden Yellow color gels in equal parts.


Now the fun details start. Using the same tip one and medium consistency black, pipe little stethoscopes right onto the minion’s white coat. Add hair and the two tiny goggle straps as shown here. While you’re at it add tiny ovals for the feet and little blobs that resemble hands. I wasn’t trying to be very detailed here but you can go crazy.


To add goggles, take your left over white and combine it with a touch of black to make medium to stiff consistency grey icing. Using a tip 3, pipe circles around the eyeballs you made. Then switch to a tip 1 and pipe tiny vertical lines where the goggle straps and goggles meet. To make the goggle look metallic use some silver pearl dust and a small amount of vodka to coat the grey with some sparkle.

                       IMAG0954              IMAG0955

Next, use a brown edible marker to gently add an iris to your minion’s pupil. the picture on the right does a good job of showing you just how much of a difference this step makes in the minion’s eyes. While you have your edible food markers out use a black one to draw in the remaining details on the white coats. As you can see above, I started out using my tip one and medium consistency black to pipe the details but I was unsatisfied with the way they looked. You can do whatever works for you.


At this point, I thought I was done. Then Mr. Baking Owl said I needed more contrast between the minion’s head and the white because they were “too close.” (Can you hear my masculine mocking voice?) After staring at the cookies and trying to think of a way to add contrast for about 10 minutes,  I experimented with some blue color dust on a reject cookie and was pretty happy with the results. Here is what you can do next, if you want to:

Use a completely dry food-safe brush and dab some blue color dust onto the end then brush it first from the outside int toward the minion with light pressure almost like you’re rubbing the color into the white. Then brush the excess away from the minion. Next, add a black border for some additional contrast using your medium consistency black and a tip 3.

                           IMAG0956            IMAG0958

Okay… sometimes husbands are right and I thanked him for his insight. Here are the finished cookies. I hope you enjoy!

Minions Dressed as Doctors

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