Snowflake Cake

Luca’s Winter 1derland

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My nephew Luca turned one on January 3rd. So what kind of party do you have when you turn one during one of the coldest winters ever? Embrace the snowflakes and then EAT THEM!

I had the pleasure of making my sweet nephew’s cake and cookies to go with his theme.

Snowflake Cake

To make the cake I pulled out my Cricut cake for the first time ever. I thought it would save me a lot of time not to have the machine cut the snowflakes instead of using my trusty exacto-knife but with the time it took me to figure out how to use the Cricut and then how to get the fondant exactly the right consistency for the blade to make clean cuts, it probably took just as long. But next time… next time, it will save me tons of time.

Unfortunately, I can’t take too much credit for the design either. My sister in law showed me ¬†picture of a two-tier cake made by Cake Don and asked me to make something similar. That wasn’t too hard because I’m pretty sure he used a Cricut Cake too. :/ To make the number stand up, I used gum paste and let it dry over night with a tooth pick in it. Then in the morning, I just stuck it in the cake and added the happy birthday ribbon. The tiny snowflake sprinkles are made by Wilton and you can find them at Michael’s every winter. When i see them I stock up. They are the best.

Then of course I made some snowflake cookies to go with the cake.

Snowflake Cookies

These snowflakes were pretty simple. As soon as my cookies were cool to the touch, I outlined them with medium consistency icing and then filled them with flood consistency icing. I let the icing harden overnight and then the next night I used medium consistency icing to add the piped snowflake pattern on top.

If I had taken pictures, I would also show you the beautiful 12×12 snowflakes that were hanging all over my nephew’s home during the party. It was really cute but my nephew was the cutest!

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