Man of Steel: New Superman Logo Tutorial

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When I started making this cake I thought the logo wouldn’t be enough. I thought it would be boring or that it would look like I didn’t try hard enough. [Baker’s guilt is almost as bad as the Catholic kind.] Boy was I wrong.


With just a few simple tricks, this plain old logo cake went from meh… to wow. Here’s how you can do it too.

Start by finding an image of the new Superman / Man of Steel logo to make a stencil. This logo is brought to you and me courtesy of  You can print your stencil to fit the size of the cake you are making. Once you know how big your logo will be you will have an idea of how much fondant you need to prepare.

Man of Steel Template

To make the deep red and blue used in this logo, I used Americolor Super Red and slowly incorporated pieces of black fondant. Then I used the same process for the blue with Americolor Royal Blue and more of the same black fondant. Why not just add black gel color? It’s harder to control the shade if you keep adding black gel color and I didn’t want the color to get darker than what I needed.

Once you have deep red and blue, roll out the blue until it is about 1/8″ thick and big enough so that you can cut out the entire stencil. Then cut out the red until it is the same size and thickness. When I want the shape I’m cutting to be precise, I like to let the fondant rest for about ten minutes. Fondant that has just been rolled is softer and more likely to tear or stretch while you cut it.

After you’ve let the fondant rest, use a sharp exacto knife or similar blade to cut the entire diamond shape out of the blue. Roll the excess and save it in a ziplock bag for later. While the blue is still “impressionable” gently roll any textured object you can over the surface of the blue. I used the barrel of my Wilton fondant tool (see picture) to add texture to my blue but I think there are plenty of other things that will work. If you apply too much pressure you will distort the shape so be careful.


Now take the stencil you used to cut out the blue and use your exacto knife to carefully cut out the spaces where the blue should show through.


Place the stencil over the red and carefully cut out the shape of the stencil. For the textured lines in the center of the “S” you have two options: (1) use the fondant scoring tool and make the lines on the logo as impressions for an engraved effect or (2) cut the two main “waves” out and add an additional layer of fondant.

I chose option two and I think it gives the logo more dimension. This is what I mean by “waves.”


To put the logo together, use a food-safe brush and apply a thin layer of water or gum paste glue to the blue and carefully place line up the red on top of it and smooth out any air bubbles. Then using the same process apply the two wavy pieces in the center of the “S.” It should look like this:

Naked Man of Steel Logo

You could stop here and the logo would look good but I just had to keep going to get that distressed look of the new logo.

To make the logo looked dirty and blotchy I made a solution of 1 drop of Americolor Super Black and a table spoon of vodka. Then I used a flat food-safe brush and painted over the entire logo making sure to be sloppy and let black accumulate in random places. You don’t want the “paint” to be too thick and black because it will cover up the blue and red you worked so hard to make so should test your “paint” on a swatch like the one have near the logo in this picture.


I forgot to take pictures of me painting on the logo but here’s a picture of what this process looks like on the border I made using the same technique.


Once you’ve painted the entire logo, allow the vodka to evaporate for about an hour. Then using a solution make up of gold pearl dust and vodka and a very stiff very thin food-safe brush, gently paint the tiny vertical space on the side of the red that is inside all the hollow spaces of your red cut out. (Did that make any sense?) To see what I mean look at this picture:


Let the gold dry for about ten minutes before you try to move the logo onto your cake just so nothing runs or smudges.

To get the industrial look I was going for, I covered my cake in a dark grey fondant but the real intensity comes from the airbrushing. The sides were sprayed with sparkly silver food coloring and the top was sprayed with black. At first I had sprayed too much black and the cake looked pretty soaked so I used a paper towel to dab the excess off and ended up with a nice uneven finish much like the one on the logo itself.

To adhere the logo to the cake you won’t need to apply anything because it will immediately stick to the wet airbrushed color. Be careful! To avoid air bubbles start at the bottom of the diamond and slowly work your way to the top so you’re almost rolling the logo onto the cake. If you try to smooth the logo afterward you will likely smudge all your painting. To finish out the look you can add a simple border using strips of your leftover red and blue and then painting them the same way you did the logo. And just like that, you’re done!


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  1. Carmelo

    This is amazing! It’s enough to make me want to learn and work with fondant myself! This cake turned out beautiful, and really captured the washed-out, industrial-looking texture of the modern Superman logo. That’s after all what really sets it apart from the two-toned comic logo


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