Romantic Owls

Romantic Owl Tutorial

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Finally! I made a Valentine’s Day cookie that isn’t just a heart. Check out these adorably in love owls.

IMAG2526_1This design was inspired when on one of my many (many, many, many) trips to Michael’s, I saw these lovely owls:


I made my owls using two different cutters. The purple one is from the Wilton Animal Pals set. The other one magically appeared in my collection one day. (If only…. The truth is. I can’t remember where I got it.)



I combined the two shapes by first cutting out the larger owl and then using the smaller one to remove a small section of it to make a place for the smaller owl.


Then I placed the smaller owl in that spot and gently pressed the two shapes together. This works best if the dough is really cold when you do it so the shapes don’t become distorted in the process.


Once the cookies were baked and cooled I started decorating by drawing some basic guidelines on my cookies. I drew circles where the eyes would go, wings, and the male owls long back feathers.

I prepared icing in the following colors and consistencies:

Pinkish red – medium and flood consistency

pink – medium and flood consistency

teal – medium and flood consistency

aqua – medium and flood consistency

white – medium consistency

black – medium consistency

orange – medium consistency

Then, using medium consistency icing in the two darker shades of pink and aqua, I outlined the owl’s wings. Notice that I didn’t draw a left wing for the male owl. You’re supposed to imagine that he has it wrapped around the female.


Once, I had the wings outlined, I filled the space for the eyes with white icing and then immediately after piping all the eyes, I used the lighter colors to outline and flood the body of each male owl.


When the male owl bodies crusted (meaning the outermost layer of the icing was dry) I repeated the process with the female owl bodies. In hindsight, I should have let the male bodies dry longer because I had some bleeding issues with the pinkish red seeping into the aqua color as the cookies dried.


Once the bodies were dry, I  filled the owl wings with flood icing and added pupils to the eyes. At this point, these start to look a lot more like owls than funky colored blob monsters.


To finish up, I added details to female owls eyes, wings, and breast using medium consistency icing. The key to the eyes, is to place the pupils so that it looks as though the owls are looking toward each other. But be careful. Apparently, if you don’t place the male owl’s eyes just right, he looks like a creep. At least that’s what my husband said when he saw my sketch. I think the real thing turned out less creepy but he had me worried the whole time.


Then I added some different features to the male so you could tell them apart by more than their color.


Finally, I added beaks and legs using the orange icing. Then, as you can see, I made a whole platter using some simple background hearts using the left over icing. Voila!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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