Chicago Cityscape Cake

Saying Goodbye to Chicago with Cake

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Making this cityscape cake was so much fun for me for a few reasons. First, I got to work with modeling chocolate for the first time. Wow was that fun. Second, I’m from Chicago so it was cool to play around with the idea of what would really make this cake scream Chicago (nailed it!).


I don’t have a tutorial for this cake but if you want to learn some basic modeling chocolate skills you should check out Lauren Kitchen’s class on Craftsy. I took it a while ago and I absolutely loved it! In fact, I love all the Craftsy classes so I highly recommend that you check out the wide selection they have.

Enough plugs… I made this cake for a co-worker to help her wish her long-time friend good luck on her move from Chicago back to her hometown in Ohio. ¬†What better way to say goodbye to Chicago than by eating it right?

Here are some more pictures of the cake. Each panel represents a different aspect of the City that the recipient is fond of.

CityScape8 CityScape4 CityScape5 CityScape3 CityScape6

and finally, just because I’m silly, I took a picture of my Sears Tower with the real deal in the background on the way to the drop off.


So silly but I loved it!

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