Show Your Love With Cookies

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I know I’ve already told you that my husband doesn’t like sweets and won’t eat the cookies I decorate with royal icing. What I haven’t told you is that I’m crazy so I still make royal icing cookies like these for him. moonlove8

Sometimes they waste away in our cookie jar and other times my sister will take them because she just loves to eat them with her coffee and doesn’t care what they look like. (She also gets a lot of my rejects.) In any event, I make cookies for him because I’m inspired by things that make me think of him. For example:


I bought this lovely piece at Target. I haven’t found a place for it in our home yet but I just had to cookie-fy it. It was pretty simple. You’ll see…

You will need navy, pale yellow, and dark gray/black royal icing a little thicker than flood consistency. I know you see four colors on the cookies.  I’ll explain later.

First take a round cookie cutter about 2.5 inches in diameter and outline it on the square-like cookie of your choice.


Fill all the area outside the circle with the navy icing using a tip 3. Be sure to fill the navy area first. This will help to keep the moon nice and round and give the appearance that it is in front of the dark sky. Once the navy section has been allowed to set for about 20 minutes, fill in the circle with the pale yellow using a tip 3.


I forgot to take a picture after filling in the yellow but you’ll see it later.

While the yellow is setting make a stencil for the outline of your owls. I started cutting this one out before I decided to use my Kopykake projector so I wouldn’t have to wait for the yellow to dry.

moonlove4To use the cutout you will have to allow the cookies to dry over night or risk puncturing the icing while you transfer the owl outline. Once the cookies are dry, simply trace around the stencil with an edible marker and fill the area with  dark gray using a tip 1.


Instead of the clothes line in the original image, I chose to rest the owls on a branch. Each one is slightly different because I added them free hand.

To make the icing for the text, I combined my leftover yellow and navy with a small amount of thick white icing to make the weird green-ish gray color and get a thicker consistency icing for piping letters. Then I simply wrote the message on each cookie as shown here.


I let my cookies dry over night before packaging them but if you allowed the background to dry before tracing the owl image you just have to give the owls and writing a few hours to dry completely.

Ta-da! Cookies that show my husband I love him but that he won’t ever eat.


I better call my sister….

… and just because I love cookie pictures, here is one more:


I sure love this new plate. (Also found at Target!)

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