Stenciled Yoga Cookies

When Yoga Meets Cookies

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As you may have figured out by now, I have a lot of siblings. Including me, there are six of us. Between the six of us there are a lot of different interests so it’s nice when two of them can come together like this. My sister Linda is kind of crazy about yoga. You know, the way I’m crazy about decorating cookies and cakes. Since the first time I decorated a cake (oh was it bad!) I have been obsessed and i’m pretty sure that my sister has been obsessed with yoga since her first downward dog. Linda has been working toward becoming a certified yoga instructor (free lessons for me!) and at this point she’s asked me to make cookies to share with her fellow yogis several times. This platter is my favorite version of yoga cookies so I’ll share with you how I made them.


First, I flooded my cookies with 15 count royal icing. If these cookies look really shiny to you compared to my others, that’s because they are. This time around I was experimenting with corn syrup in my icing. I got this idea from Jill of the Funky Cookie Studio (check her out on facebook, she is amazing!). The corn syrup helps keep the royal icing from drying completely hard but still allows the cookie to dry hard enough that it can be stacked and handled without ruining the design. Some people think the shiny-ness is another benefit of the corn syrup but I’m still on the fence about whether I approve of the extra shine.


I allowed these to dry overnight. Who am I kidding they dried for about 25 hours since I also had to work the next day.

Then I used this cool magnet trick I learned reading Sweet Sugarbelle’s blog post on perfectly stenciled cookies¬†position my stencils over the cookies.¬†You can buy magnets like these from the Cookie Countess. I just love her stencils! I chose to use several different colors and stencils to make these cookies extra fun but if you’re concerned about clean up or you just don’t have as many stencils or airbrush colors, this could look really good in just one or two colors as well.


The nice thing about airbrush color is that it dries very quickly. By the time I finished airbrushing the last cookie, the first one was ready for the next step.

I found these stick-figure-like yoga poses using google, printed them out, and put them right into my projector.


To make the black paint, I mixed some Americolor black and vodka. And just like that you have super fun and easy yoga cookies.


And of course since yogis spend all their time touching the floor and their sweaty yoga mats, I made sure to package these individually too.


My sister’s class loved them!

Here are a few of the other designs I have made for her that you can try out too.


These were made with fondant and corn syrup rather than royal icing. For some tips on decorating cookies with fondant read this.

Yoga Pose Cookies

I love this set too. My favorite is the hand stand pose (I don’t know the technical term, I’m a lawyer not a yogi!). I think it’s my sister’s favorite too. Here she is doing it in front of a waterfall in Mexico.


Have you ever made yoga cookies? I’d love to see your designs. Feel free to post them on my facebook wall for everyone to see.

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  1. Maggie

    Hello , I was just wondering if we can have your recipe for the cookies and your royal icing with the corn syrup?

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